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Brook's Journal

postings by Brook Allen

Welcome to The Journal.

So many memorable and historical writings have been left to us—not the least of those was the incredible adventure of Lewis & Clark, as their Corps of Discovery pursued Thomas Jefferson’s dream of finding the swiftest passage to the Pacific.

So behold my journal! It’s not as famous, nor is it made of elk-skin or penned with a quill. But it will serve as Brook Allen’s blog-spot, review niche, and a place to share excerpts of other historical fiction  works to be critiqued and/or admired—and always read! Occasionally, I might host interviews here to spotlight authors and their writing process. I may also include suggestions on craft and how to become a better writer, for those of us who stare at computers for lengthy periods of the day!

This is a place to celebrate stories, characters, and the sparks that compel us to write.

Join me!

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