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Book Spotlight: Rebecca's Choice

Hello! And here we are already in February. I'm mighty excited, as my research is moving along rather quickly and I hope to begin actually WRITING my new book in the next day or two. It's a wonderful feeling to be absorbed in a new project and I can't wait to bring the early American frontier to life for all of my readers. In the meantime, I've promised some great blogs, excerpts, reviews, and more. This week, I'm sharing a book spotlight on a lovely 19th century historical romance by author, Heidi Gallacher. What a great way to begin February and the Valentine season!

Rebecca's Choice by Heidi Gallacher Can Rebecca find the love and passion she craves within a Victorian world that seems to be conspiring against her?’ It is 1887 and Queen Victoria is on the throne. Businessman and meteorologist Geoffrey de Roussier is passionate about his weather station and railways, yet little of his passion seems to filter through to his shy, naïve young wife, Rebecca. Following his tragic demise, Rebecca discovers that Geoffrey’s railroad investments have failed, leaving her penniless. As the past threatens to engulf her, Rebecca realises she has to make a choice. Gwilym Llewellyn, Geoffrey’s trusted friend and advisor, has an emotional debt to repay to Geoffrey and meets Rebecca to offer her a solution. Meanwhile Rebecca has found passion in another direction … One man will save her from destitution, the other will offer her the love and excitement that she aches for. Whom will she choose? This book has a beautiful setting in Cardiff, South Wales. If you like a good mix of an evocative depiction of the Victorian era and a modern-thinking heroine then Rebecca’s Choice is the novel for you. This is Heidi Gallacher’s debut novel, a compelling historical Victorian romance. Pick up ‘Rebecca’s Choice’ today to lose yourself in this wonderful story!

Praise for Rebecca’s Choice Rebecca’s Choice was awarded 5 stars and is a Recommended Read by The Coffee Pot Book Club. The book was awarded a Bronze Medal for Debut Novel 2020 by The Coffee Pot Book Club. ‘This is a story that is utterly beguiling from the opening sentence to the very last full stop.’ - Author Mary Anne Yarde ‘The historical details are so skilfully woven in that the reader steps with ease into the late 19th century.’ - Author Liz Harris

About Heidi Heidi Gallacher was born in London in the Sixties. She grew up in Cardiff and Swansea, South Wales. She jumped at the chance to move to Paris in her twenties to learn a new language and culture.

Following the arrival of her first son she moved to sunny Switzerland where she has lived ever since. She completed her Masters in Creative Writing in 2018 and her first short story Changing Places was published in September of that year. Rebecca's Choice is her first novel. When not writing, Heidi writes and performs music, swims in Lake Zürich and fundraises for a school in Tanzania. Connect With Heidi TwitterInstagramFacebookGoodreads Buy Links Amazon UKAmazon US

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