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EXCERPT: Beneath a Grove of Maples

Welcome SEPTEMBER! It's been so hot and humid, I'm ready for fall. Apple cider, the crisp feel of a change in the season, hikes in the woods, and working in my yard without melting. It's always a busy time, and an enjoyable time.

I hope to present my next installment on Research later this week, so keep your eyes peeled for some sneak-peeks into my current work in progress! I'm eager to share it with you!

With the new month comes GIVEAWAY TIME! I'm giving away three of my Antonius Trilogy books, so be sure to let friends and family know. Hey--they make awesome gifts, too! On September 8, I'll be drawing the names and announcing them on social media and here on my blog-site, too. If you're a winner, I'll be contacting you via email.

Lastly, before introducing this week's guest, I want to share about a wonderful and free e-magazine that I've become a part of. Historical Times is chock full of fabulous articles, a colorful layout, and it's written by a fantastic team of historical fiction authors. So if you love reading historical fiction, THIS is the magazine for you--a gift from those of us who love excellent story-telling from another time. The subscription is free and here is the link, so you're able to sign up: Historical Times e-Magazine Each month, a new period in history is the focus of the magazine's content. Last month was Rome and this month is Tudor England. Next month? VIKINGS! Join in the fun and experience some amazing articles, interactive content, and meet your next favorite author!

Now, for this week, I'm delighted to offer a short but sweet excerpt from Jenny Knipfer's lovely book, In a Grove of Maples. Here's a short blurb about the overall plot:

In a Grove of Maples Blurb

"... a heartfelt tale of the struggles of married life on a nineteenth-century farm. Edward and Beryl are both relatable and sympathetic. Knipfer expertly captures the emotion and stress of their lives and relationship. It’s a touching and realistic portrayal of love, loss, and friendship." Heather Stockard for Readers’ Favorite five-star review


In 1897 newly married Beryl and Edward Massart travel more than one thousand miles from Quebec to farm a plot of land in Wisconsin that they bought sight-unseen. An almost magical grove of maples on their property inspires them to dream of a real home built within the grove, not the tiny log cabin they’ve come to live in.

Misunderstandings and tempers get the better of them when difficulties and troubles arise. Just months after they wed, Edward leaves pregnant Beryl in the midst of the coming winter to tend the farm and animals while he goes to be a teamster at a northern Wisconsin logging camp.

Will Beryl and Edward walk into the future together to build their house of dreams in the grove of maples, or will their plans topple like a house of sticks when the winds of misunderstanding and disaster strike?

Readers of Christian historical fiction, Historical fiction, Women’s fiction, and Christian historical romance will be endeared to this slice of late 19th century farm life.

A Brief Excerpt from In a Grove of Maples by Jenny Knipfer

Beryl stepped out of the shop and saw Edward returning from the east end of town. Her heart fluttered at the thought of sitting close to him on the buckboard, their arms and thighs jostling each other. Being close to him fed a need in her to belong. To be an integral part of him, inseparable.

But when his temper burst, it divided them. Beryl hated those times. They wounded her and cut her off from the person who had vowed to love, honor, and cherish her. She took a deep breath, determined to try her best to fulfill her vows. She couldn’t choose for Edward, but she could and would choose to honor her commitment.

Beryl waited with a full heart and a ready body to love the man who was coming for her.

Author Jenny Knipfer

Jenny lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Ken, and their pet Yorkie, Ruby. She is also a mom and loves being a grandma. She enjoys many creative pursuits but finds writing the most fulfilling.

Spending many years as a librarian in a local public library, Jenny recently switched to using her skills as a floral designer in a retail flower shop. She is now retired from work due to disability. Her education background stems from psychology, music, and cultural missions.

She holds membership in the: Midwest Independent Booksellers Association, Wisconsin Writers Association, Christian Indie Publishing Association, and Independent Book Publishers Association.

Jenny’s favorite place to relax is by the western shore of Lake Superior, where her novel series, By The Light of the Moon, is set. A new historical fiction, four-part series entitled, Sheltering Trees, will be released in 2021 and 2022. Jenny is currently writing a novella series entitled, Botanical Seasons.

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Aug 30, 2021

Thank you for being a part of the tour for In a Grove of Maples!

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