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EXCERPT: from The Ghost of Greyson Hall

Travel is a weakness of mine. And when I go out and about, I like doing so unfettered to large groups or tour itineraries. Nowadays, even cruising has started turning me off. Several years ago, I was part of a mega-sized load of tourists cramming toward the top of the Acropolis, dangerously close to the age of the escarpment. It was an accident waiting to happen and no archaeological treasure like that of Athens' magnificent aerie should be punished by that many tramping feet.

When I travel, I try to do it on my own terms. Usually, that means, just me, or with my husband, and occasionally with my cousins. I can see more, escape crowds, and lose myself in whatever I'm researching or simply want to see. Someday, I'd like to behold the highlands of Scotland and do some hiking amid chilly temps and rugged, rocky outcroppings. It's one of the places beckoning me.

This week, I welcome M.K. McClintock--with a fabulous Scottish name and a family-friendly Scottish story. And what could possibly be more appropriate for the month of October than a GHOST-story?

Below, I hope you will take the time to peruse an excerpt from McClintock's The Ghost of Greyson Hall, which should give you a mysterious taste of Scottish flavor!

Read ON, everybody!

All About the Book

Once a year, an ancient secret walks the corridors of Greyson Hall, a place shrouded in mystery and whispered legend. When Devon Clayton inherited the stately mansion in England’s wild north from his uncle, he never imagined what secrets lurked within its walls, hidden for centuries. When his friends and brothers join him for the holiday, the British Agents and their families discover that their most unusual case will bring new meaning to Christmas spirit. They must now unravel a century-old mystery if they are to break the curse and save a love that transcends time. A long novella set in Northumberland in December 1782 and 1892.


Also Available:

· Alaina Claiborne

· Blackwood Crossing

· Clayton's Honor

Note: The British Agent series books are written to be read as stand-alone novels. However, they each have cross-over characters, meaning characters from each book will appear in the others. The only reading order is chronological, but each title can still be read as a stand-alone.

*Praise for the British Agent Series:

"Ms. McClintock succeeds in masterfully weaving both genres meticulously together until mystery lovers are sold on romance and romance lovers love the mystery!"

—InD'Tale Magazine on Alaina Claiborne

"This book was perfectly-paced with mystery, romance, adventure, and so much more. I am definitely recommending that everyone who loves historical fiction in general read this book. I cannot wait to start reading the next book in this series." —Dreams Come True Through Reading on Blackwood Crossing

"MK McClintock has spun an enchanting tale deeply entrenched in the lands of Scotland and England that will leave you riveted to your chair until you turn the last page." —My Life, One Story at a Time on Blackwood Crossing

"Clayton's Honor by MK McClintock is a clean historical romance that will keep your heart beating and your palms sweating. This is definitely a novel that is going on my 'read again' shelf! A really good and smooth read!" —Readers' Favorite

The Ghost of Greyson Hall

Excerpt by MK McClintock

He stood an inch taller than the bay Clydesdale’s withers, over which he smoothed a gloved hand. His long legs carried him on a smooth stride to the animals’ heads, where he whispered to the front pair and rubbed the white markings on their faces.

From where she stood at the window, peering down from the second-level bedroom, Grace watched his every move, her eyes transfixed on the Highlander. Lingering fog, not yet burned off from the morning cold, curled around his trew-clad legs. The leather-trimmed trousers molded what she could see of him beneath his plaid.

Brice Maclean, the only guest from north of Edinburgh on her husband’s list of notables he expected to attend. This one held neither title nor lineage of consequence, a rarity among Spencer Canterbury’s preferred company.

No other passenger alighted from the gilded four-in-hand coach, a stately and expensive conveyance for a single man of no distinction. Wealth, however, forgave many sins, including a lack of title and position. Grace often believed her husband—contrary to his claims—valued wealth above all else.

The Highlander, Spencer had informed her when she read his name on the guest list, would arrive for business earlier than the other travelers. What enterprise such a man would have with Lord Canterbury of Northumberland remained a mystery, and her husband quelled further inquiry.

Their guest only gave his attention to the earl after speaking with the driver and watching the team drive away toward the stables. Grace wished she knew of what they spoke or could read the movements of their lips, but they did not turn their faces upward enough. Only when the earl invited him inside did the Highlander raise his face to gaze upon the stones. A breeze blew his dark hair away from a strong face partially covered in an unfashionable light beard. His eyes pierced her quickly and without apology.

Grace could not credit what kept her at the window with the curtain pulled back, allowing Mr. Maclean to witness her spying upon them. His gaze flitted over her once, then a second time, before leaving her view and entering the house. Under normal circumstances, she would have been downstairs to greet him. However, she quickly discovered nothing about Brice Maclean’s arrival was commonplace.

Copyright © MK McClintock

All About M.K. McClintock

Her works include the following series: Montana Gallaghers, Crooked Creek, British Agents, Whitcomb Springs, and the stand-alone collection, A Home for Christmas. She is also the co-author of the McKenzie Sisters Mysteries.

MK enjoys a quiet life in the northern Rocky Mountains. Visit her online home at, where you can learn more about her books, explore extras, and subscribe to receive news.

Connect with M.K.


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