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REVIEW: Island of Gold by Amy Maroney

I'm looking forward to finding out who the winners are this week in my fall GIVEAWAY!!! It's always fun to surprise some of my readers, and I look forward to continuing this tradition as I continue to grow my readership.

And my final Research blog installment is coming soon--I promise! If you enjoyed last week's article on artifacts, then you'll love the final one on the documents I viewed and got to read that afternoon at the Missouri Museum of History Research Library in St. Louis. So stay tuned in to Brook's Journal each Thursday.

This week I want to share a book review of one of my favorite reads this year. Island of Gold, by Amy Maroney is brand new (as of September 8, 2021) and available in Kindle and print versions. Amy has a real keen feel for the Renaissance and late Middle Ages. She's done an enormous amount of research and in this new series that's just starting, the main character is a master falconer--a sport that has always fascinated me.

I hope you'll enjoy this review of Island of Gold.

Island of Gold by Amy Maroney

Reviewed by Brook Allen

Cedric the falconer meets his lady love, Sophie, they marry and live happily ever after?

Not. So. Fast.

Maroney’s tale spins us through France and the Greek Island of Rhodes. It’s a phenomenal story of love, commitment, courage, and a family’s stubborn will to better themselves. I have read many books by independent authors, and I can truly say, this is in the top THREE that I’ve enjoyed. Depth of character impressed me, but also Maroney’s tenacious digging for facts and her ability to weave them into a tale without it becoming cumbersome. That is artistry—alongside her fantastic world-building, beginning with the very title of her novel. This book is an example of what readers SHOULD love in historical fiction.

Honestly, there wasn’t a single thing about this novel that I’d change. The plot is believable, subtly woven, and simply a fun and fast read. I’ll mention another thing, too. This period and locale has SO much history and it simply hasn’t been told. Kudos to Maroney for selecting such a challenging part of the past to bring to life.

Adventure? CHECK. Romance? CHECK. Intrigue? CHECK.

I cannot WAIT for the next book in this series.

Author Amy Maroney

Amy Maroney lives in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. with her family. She spent many years as a writer and editor of nonfiction before turning her hand to historical fiction. When she’s not diving down research rabbit holes, she enjoys hiking, drawing, dancing, traveling, and reading. She’s also the author of the Miramonde series: The Girl from Oto, Mira’s Way, and A Place in the World.

Follow her on BookBub at or find her on Twitter @wilaroney, Instagram @amymaroneywrites, and Facebook.


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Sep 07, 2021

Thanks so much for this lovely review, Brook! I'm so happy you enjoyed Island of Gold. 😍

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