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SPOTLIGHT: Son of Anger

I've written and hosted a lot of blogs, but the response I received last week for my blog, "Write from the Heart" was overwhelming! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who responded to the blog and shared your thoughts. I will occasionally share more of what's "on" my heart", whether it's writing, my research material, or even something personal that comes to mind.

This week, I'm excited to share a special book Spotlight with you. The age of the Vikings has been given a huge rejuvenation, due to the History Channel series Vikings. I'll be the first to admit that some of the show's magic was lost on me by Season II, but Season I was really fascinating and rekindled my own interest in all things Norse. So much so, in fact, that I'm planning a trip to Iceland this year!

One thing that Norse culture left us is the "saga". Whether it's stories from Norse mythology, a particular country's tales (Iceland has an entire collection of sagas!), I'm intrigued by the brief description of Ulf's story.

Let's turn to Donovan Cook and his book, Son of Anger and learn a little more about this Viking tale. And for the Viking era fans out there--YOU'RE WELCOME!

Read on, everybody!

All About Son of Anger

Ulf is like a storm, slowly building up its power, he grows more dangerous with each passing moment. And like all storms, he will eventually break. When he does, he will destroy everything in his path. Ulf is one of a long line of famous Norse warriors. His ancestor Tyr was no ordinary man, but the Norse God of War. Ulf, however, knows nothing about being a warrior. Everything changes when a stranger arrives on Ulf’s small farm in Vikenfjord. The only family he’s ever known are slaughtered and the one reminder of his father is stolen -- Ulf’s father’s sword, Ormstunga. Ulf’s destiny is decided. Are the gods punishing him? All Ulf knows is that he has to avenge his family. He sets off on an adventure that will take him across oceans, into the eye of danger, on a quest to reclaim his family’s honour. The gods are roused. One warrior can answer to them. The Son of Anger.

All About Donovan

Even as a young child, Donovan loved reading stories about Vikings and other medieval warriors fighting to defend their homeland or raiding in distant lands. He would often be found running around outside with nothing other than a wooden sword and his imagination.

Now older, he spends his time writing about them. His novels come from his fascination with the Viking world and Norse Mythology and he hopes that you will enjoy exploring this world as much as he did writing about it.

Born in South Africa but raised in England, Donovan currently works as an English tutor and when he is not teaching or writing, he can be found reading, watching rugby, or working on DIY projects. Being born in South Africa, he is a massive Springboks fan and never misses a match.

Connect with Donovan

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