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SPOTLIGHT: The Mallory Saga

I have reveled in a bookish weekend!

On Saturday, I sat in online sessions at a mini-conference provided by the Historical Novel Society. Over 350 writers joined me as we heard best-selling authors discuss marketing, research, dual time-lines, and then shared in conversation rooms about our periods of interest. It was a great time for networking, meeting other writers, and learning more about what I love to do: WRITE.

As I continue work on my own project that features a time in American History when the west was just beginning to open, I'm constantly reminded as I continue researching, how NEW America was when Lewis and Clark journeyed to the Pacific.

This week, I want to share yet another brilliant author who is a fellow American history-lover! Paul Bennett's Mallory Saga; an impressive series following one family through the turbulent beginnings of Colonial America, is a body of work that should instill a sense of awe as the story of an infant nation unfolds. Take a look at Paul's blurb for his series and spotlighting the fourth book in the series.

Consider giving this one a read!

The Mallory Saga & Book 4: A Nation Is Born

By: Paul Bennett

Follow the Mallory family as they attempt to live a peaceful life on the PA frontier in 1756. They face tragedy and loss as they become embroiled in The French and Indian War - Clash of Empires. In Paths to Freedom, the colonies are heading to open revolt against King George III, and the Mallory's are once again facing the spectre of war. Crucible of Rebellion continues the Mallory story through the early years of The Revolutionary War. Book 4, A Nation is Born completes the Revolution and The Mallory's have played their part in the victory. In book 5, A Turbulent Beginning, the nascent nation finds it hard going to establish a peaceful existence. The Natives of this land resist the westward expansion of white settlers.

A NATION IS BORN: As the Revolutionary War shifts south, and west, so too, the Mallory’s find themselves right in the thick of it. On the banks of the Congaree River in South Carolina, and on the Wabash in the Northwest Territory, war is not the only problem they face. Revenge stirs among the embers of war, and the issue of slavery becomes an issue for the Mallory’s.

All About Paul

Paul was born in Detroit when the Big Three ruled the automobile industry, and The Korean Conflict was in full swing. A lifelong interest in history and a love of reading eventually led him to Wayne State University where he majored in Ancient History, with a minor in Physical Anthropology. However, to make ends meet, those studies were left to the realm of dreams, and Paul found himself accidentally embarking on a 50 year career in computers. A career that he has recently retired from in order to spend more time with those dreams….7 grandchildren will help fill the time as well.

He now resides in the quaint New England town of Salem, Massachusetts with his wife Daryl, just a few minutes’ walk from the North River, and the site where the Revolution almost began.

The Mallory Saga is the culmination of Paul’s love of history, and his creative drive to write stories. With Nightwish and Bruce Cockburn coming through his headphones, and many cups of excellent coffee, Paul hopes to carry the Saga into the late 19th century, bringing American History to life through the eyes and actions of the Mallory family.

Connect with Paul


This series is available to read for free with #KindleUnlimited subscription.

Series in order:

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